Best coworking spaces in lahore

10 Best Coworking Spaces in Lahore

Lahore is known as the “city of wonders” and has a long, rich history. Lahore has developed a lot in the last decade, and if we look at the graphs of accommodation, it just gets higher and higher. Since the people of Pakistan see Lahore as an iconic place to live and thrive, the whole nation has started to migrate to Lahore, knowing that the city would provide them with a wide variety of facilities and resources. Lahore is a place to start a business; if you are self-employed, you might be looking for a place to establish yourself.

Starting your business from scratch will require a lot of time and energy. You will always be short on money not because you are not earning well, but most of the time, you have to change places to sort the rent or the utility bills. The additional charges you will need for the Internet, nourishment, and transport will leave you with nothing.

The trouble you will have when looking for a place for accommodation for your business is that the working space might be far away from your house or might be too expensive; if there is a worst-case scenario, then the place might not be in good condition.

To save you from all the chaos, Buzz Interactive has got you covered. Buzz Interactive is listing below the best coworking space in Lahore.

Best Coworking Spaces in Lahore


#1. Huddle – DHA Phase 6 

Are you looking for the best Coworking Space in Lahore? Well, you should be the first at Huddle! Huddle provides you with 24-hours access to its coworking space with unique perks, e.g., unlimited tea and coffee with high-speed Internet and a stable power backup. This is not where it all ends; you can get LCD, Conference room, Podcast Room, Printing services, Service Exchange, and Photography and Videography studios in a single place. CCTV cameras and biometric attendance are implemented for your security. Huddle is a safe and secure place for you and your business with its multitude of services!

huddle best coworking space in lahore


#2. COLABS – Gulberg II 

With its enormous halls making for a suitable arrangement, it is the finest location for your business meetings and gatherings. Another remarkable coworking facility in Lahore is COLABS. Its cutting-edge architecture and design encourage newcomers to believe in themselves and realize their full potential. Many people interested in business development or helping others hold a special place in their hearts for its internal events. The workers’ ability to accomplish their objectives is made more accessible by free, quick Internet availability.


#3. Daftarkhwan – Gulberg

Many of you might have already surmised from the name the purpose of this shared space. Daftarkhwan is the perfect place for you to work because it provides first-class office services. They have an on-site café with suitable shared workspaces and conference rooms that serves fresh, healthy cuisine within your price range. The management team at Daftarkhwan goes above and beyond to ensure you have a wonderful time there and can emphasize your business.

daftarkhwan Coworking space


#4. Regus – Gulberg Jail Road

One of the most lavishly decorated and serene coworking spaces in Lahore and is open 24/7. Regus is there to improve your talents; you can get a desk and collaborate with other experts. Its comfortable furnishings and well-equipped kitchen guarantee all-day relaxation and a homey atmosphere. An on-site cafe and coffee lounge, high-speed Internet, printers, scanners, and digital desk phones, as well as an elevator with parking and connections to the main modes of transit in Lahore, are just a few of Regus’s noteworthy features.

Regus - Gulberg Jail Road


#5. Kickstart – Gulberg

Among the first coworking spaces in Lahore was Kickstart. They were unique in the market at the time. Kickstart offers the best networking opportunities. People from practically every profession are here to have the most pleasing workplace experience. This particular Kickstart location serves those who work night shifts and is open around the clock, with tastefully decorated dining areas and meeting spaces. Compared to other coworking spaces, they have the most prominent working offices. The place where you can sit, unwind, meditate, and work without being disturbed or interrupted. An immaculate and well-organized workspace for independent contractors, new businesses, and startups. A highly professional workplace with top-notch standards and qualified personnel.

Kickstart - Gulberg


#6. GITMIT – Gulberg III

This location offers a stimulating environment that lets you concentrate on what you want to do and develop without being constrained. Compared to other coworking spaces in Lahore, GitMit has some of the best management and personnel. Your comfort and satisfaction are their top priorities. The most helpful staff assists you with anything you require. For your mind to function correctly, have a cup of coffee or a tasty, short snack. Every professional worker’s fantasy is a café bar with a good selection. GITMIT has invested all of its ideas and efforts into creating this comfortable area for you to use these amenities.

GITMIT - Gulberg III


#7. Ignition – Johar Town

Ignition Lahore makes sure to give you a comfortable, extremely conducive learning environment, so you can concentrate on expanding your business. It offers you a wide range of amenities, such as uninterrupted power, high-speed Internet, air-conditioned rooms, meeting spaces, and private areas for video calls. Additionally, it permits services like printing, photography, and office boy. All work and no play make you tired and frustrated; thus, Ignition features a fun game area that distinguishes it from other coworking spaces in Lahore. Ignition coworking offers personal lockers, a prayer room, a fully-stocked cafe, and other comforts at your convenience.

Ignition - Johar Town


#8. Launchbox – DHA Phase 4

Launchbox is renowned for the many benefits it provides to its clients. You receive dependable Internet, standing desks, comfortable furnishings, conference spaces, and power backup. You can enter the offices at any time, and they are climate-controlled. A lounge, outdoor terrace, kitchen, and on-site cafe are all connected to this coworking space. What is best, do you know? Customers at Launchbox are given complimentary coffee and water. Additionally, you have access to a Skype room and private lockers.

Launchbox - DHA Phase 4


#9. PopCorn Studio – DHA Phase 5

An intriguing coworking environment called Popcorn Studio is home to a wide array of independent contractors, business owners, and startups. Popcorn Studios meets all the requirements for a professional workplace, including high-speed Internet, Workspace, Tea, Water, Ac/Heater, Electricity, Office Boy, Meeting Room, Printing, Parking, and much more. An excellent prime location at DHA Phase 5, it is a competition for all its competitors. Popcorn Studio has been meeting the demands of the digital revolution by offering freelancers, digital enthusiasts, and startups workspace.

PopCorn Studio - DHA Phase 5


#10. Venture Drive – Johar Town

You can have all the conveniences of a private office at Venture Drive without worrying about the costs, personnel, tea, parking, or other facilities. Venture Drive commits to providing you a platform to expand your coworking experience and launch your business. To grow your business even further, Venture Drive offers you to host seminars, meeting sessions, and events, so you build a community of clientele as it was never a problem.

Venture Drive - Johar Town


Final Remarks

Finding a good Coworking space is not everyone’s piece of cake. Making your business survive in times like these can be challenging but do not lose hope and commit to what you had planned. Reach out in the blog section of our website for more!