Coworking spaces

Pros And Cons Of Working In A Coworking Spaces In Pakistan

What’s a coworking space?

Coworking spaces are collaboration hubs in which workers of different companies share an office space. It’s different from a typical office workspace since the people there aren’t generally working for the same company. Every coworking space facilitates its clients with necessities, such as Wi-Fi, printers, snacks, and usually a conference room too, and it’s not a surprise that such coworking spaces are an ascending trend. Sharing infrastructure is a great opportunity for the members across the office to spread the cost of running. Lately, large multi-national firms have also started using coworking spaces to cut down on the expenses consumed by unused office space. This indicates a bright future of the upward trend of coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces in Pakistan

Coworking spaces mostly entertain freelancers and remote workers. Pakistan is one of the fastest-growing freelance markets, with an increase of 48% in the last two years. Coworking spaces provide a great opportunity for new remote workers to meet and collaborate as it helps them build their network. It also provides the opportunity for young freelancers to team up with experienced professionals forming an exclusive mentor-driven environment. Choosing the right coworking space is always the tricky part. The factors that matter the most are location, cost, security, and infrastructure.

Coworking spaces in Pakistan

Keeping all these factors in mind, the best and the most economical coworking spaces in Pakistan are:

– Huddle Coworking Space

– Venture Drive

– The Work Space

– Shared Office Space

– Kursi Maiz Cowork

The negative and the positive aspects of a service are always considered before it is availed. A coworking space itself is an exclusive service, and all the elements affecting it in either way are mentioned below in detail.


 Pros: Coworking spaces are best known for their network-building benefits that lead to the development of small businesses. You can also find a nice company to keep yourself entertained during work hours, and you can learn a lot from the people around you.

Cons: The same company of colleagues that keeps you entertained sometimes can also be distracting, which directly conflicts with the idea of a coworking space.

Socialisation _ cost


Pros: The sum of money might seem huge when paid upfront, but it is a long-term investment into your productivity, creativity, and engagement with your colleagues.
Cons: Paying to work at a shared coworking space seems like a foolish idea to many people who struggle socializing or don’t have any major distractions issues while working remotely from home where they don’t have to pay any amount for the space being used.


Pros: Since the majority of workers at a coworking space are self-employed or not answerable to somebody above about their work timings, they can manage their working hours in their desired time slots.

Cons: Maybe the workers do not have any restrictions about their working hours but the owners of the coworking space can’t keep the place open 24/7, so the workers have to cooperate to an extent.

Flexibility _ Travelling


Pros: There is nothing better than stepping out in the pleasant weather, leaving your comfort zone, and discovering the world around you while going to your workplace, which makes your mood and health better hence boosting the productivity and creativity of your work.

Cons: Travelling might sound like a fun idea but it’s not for free and unless your coworking space is located close to your residence, you’ll be wasting a considerable amount of money and time every day with absolutely no productivity at all.


Pros: A coworking space has relatively less distraction than your average remote workplace at home as it helps you focus better on your work, hence boosting your productivity, creativity, and determination. An average person working from home spends an adequate amount of time serving the needs of their family attention, household noises such as cooking bell ringing, slow or unreliable internet connection, and bad posture that urges you to take a break every now and then. All these elements are pretty much eliminated in a shared coworking environment that is specifically designed to please a worker in order to help them focus on their work.

Cons: A coworking space might guarantee you the elimination of the factors mentioned above but it doesn’t mean that all the distractions have been taken care of entirely since a chatty colleague can be a leading factor in preventing maximum productivity with their useless conversations at the cost of your time.

Environment of the coworking space

Environment of the coworking space:

Pros: Working in a coworking space environment can benefit you since you would be working with people who can understand you and your work. Not only you can relate with them and the common issues faced by the two of you but you can also ask them for help or guidance in case of being stuck at some point. Most likely you will be getting a positive response from your colleague since the majority of the population in a coworking space love its work and tend to be in a better mood while working.

Cons: Sometimes a workspace can be overcrowded and you might not be surrounded by people of your profession so there’s no hope of professional guidance. It’s also possible that the person sitting next to you might be annoying to you making your coworking space experience miserable.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, there are very few negative points about using a coworking space which is why its popularity is increasing day by day. The first step in growing your business is making connections, and a coworking space guarantees you that. Being a part of a coworking space means you always have the option of leaving and going back to working remotely and then coming back again if that suits you more, offering you more flexibility. A coworking space is really great for boosting focus and creativity and has proven exceptional results for business development and networking.