Why Night Shifts at Coworking Spaces are More Rewarding

Why Night Shifts at Coworking Spaces are More Rewarding

Thinking of working at night, people imagine dark office spaces with no one but you, or they think of you in your bed typing away on your laptop with no entertainment around. Working at night might be either a preference or a necessity. Behold night shift coworking spaces, a more productive and enjoyable form of working at night. Ideally, coworking spaces are shared office spaces with people of different professions working under one roof.

In a very busy world, where businesses run 24×7, you need a place where you can go at any time of the day or night to carry out your professional duties. This is exactly what a coworking space aims to provide and with night shift coworking space, you can now rent a coworking space for nights.

Coworking spaces or shared office spaces provide a home-like environment outside the home without all the distractions that may hinder your productivity. Instead, coworking spaces provide networking opportunities that are essential for people who are looking to expand their horizons. A recent study shows that working in a night shift office space boosts your productivity by 74% compared to a conventional office, working from 9 to 5.

Before discussing how night shifts at coworking spaces are more rewarding, let us discuss why night coworking spaces are needed. Working at night is a necessity for some people as they may be working in an overseas company that lies in a different time zone. Such employees do not have an office to work in so they need a place they can work when their duty calls. Another main reason for promoting night shift office space is that people working overtime out of the office need a place at night where they can work.

Wi-Fi Speed

High Wi-Fi speed undoubtedly improves a person’s work experience and performance. People with a night shift at a coworking space experience an increase in Wi-Fi speed due to a relatively lesser load on the connection. It has also been noticed that it is less likely for the Wi-Fi connection to be down at night than during the daytime. All of us can agree that greater Wi-Fi speed is a great benefit. After all, who would want their meeting to be continuously buffering due to some poor network connection?

wifi at coworking space


Less chaos

During the daytime, people gather at coworking spaces for discussions or to even chit-chat with their colleagues creating fuss and distractions around the workplace. People are more likely to divert off in these conversations rather than being able to focus on the work at hand. A night shift at a coworking space is relatively quieter with lesser people around. People can brainstorm with full concentration without any distractions. At night, when the 9 to 5 duties of employees have ended, shared office spaces get more peaceful with no continuous noise of ringing phones, people talking to each in the background, and the clacking sounds of keyboards. Working in peace with no chaos is certainly a reward of a night shift coworking space.

Less Chaos


Widening your socializing circle

Working in a coworking space allows you to meet individuals from all walks of life. Some are more qualified and some less qualified than you. For people who are newly employed or own startups, meeting people is very important not only to talk about their professional life but to build upon their knowledge and use it for themselves. During the day, you meet many people but you may not be able to keep track of what’s important to you and what’s not. At night, there are fewer people in coworking spaces and so it is easy to talk to people and gain knowledge from their experiences in a clearer manner.

Widening your socializing circle


Accessibility of Resources

Starting a new business brings difficult responsibilities itself and it is difficult for any business owner to manage the cost of luxuries or even the necessity in the beginning. A coworking space allows access to many of these necessities. It gives access to conference rooms, meeting rooms, and also the basic aspects such as printers, tables, scanners, and some sort of food (vending machines, coffee stalls, etc.). And during the night, accessibility to these resources is easier as the night shift office space is lesser crowded leaving a majority of the resources free or not in use.

Accessibility of Resources Night shift coworking space


Avoiding loneliness

Working in their bedroom all night long with no entertainment is depressing for some people. These people feel most productive with someone by their side whom they can talk to while doing their work. Working in a shared office space, surrounded by people who are also working, creates a positive work atmosphere that promotes productivity. Avoiding loneliness is another one of the rewards of working night shifts in a coworking space.

Avoiding loneliness Night shift coworking space


Higher Productivity

Furthermore, most people feel more productive during the night and a coworking space serves as a place where they can work at. A recent study shows that ‘night owls’ tend to be more creative and with higher cognitive abilities than those people who work during the day.

With more jobs being generated day by day, places are required for employees to be working. Coworking spaces and night shifts at shared office spaces might just be the answer. A coworking space provides a station where people can enjoy music while they work, where entrepreneurs can share their ideas, and where people are provided flexibility in their work timings by being able to work at any time. Coworking spaces also ensure to provide people with the necessities they need to do their best work and much more. Given the reasons above, it is safe to iterate that night shifts at coworking spaces are more rewarding.

Higher-Productivity Night shift coworking space